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Business Asset-secured structured finance. Collateral is an additional form of security when your business needs a larger loan. Secured loans normally have lower interest rates and give you a higher likelihood of approval. At Parkmere Group Investments, when doing a secured loan we tend to focus more on your assets and less on your creditworthiness.

Types of collateral accepted

Residential and Commercial Real Estate

At Parkmere Group Investment, using your Real Estate to secure a business loan offers great possibilities such as a larger loan amount. All Real estate collateral is secure by a first lien position throughout the UK and USA.

Commercial real estate refers to any income-producing property that is use solely for business purposes

Real Estate Collateral Accepted:

• Office Complex
• Shopping Centers
• Flats
• Hotels
• Residential


We have unsecured and secured loans available for your equipment finance from $10,000- $2Million. Whether you are looking to purchase heavy-duty equipment or upgrade your office supplies, we can provide financing option even for clients with low credit ratings.

Some equipment we work with, just to name a few:

• Manufacturing Equipment
• Tractors Trailers and Tractor units
• Stone Crushers
• Construction
• Office Supplies
• Motor vehicles


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